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COVID-19 has changed the world for people everywhere – both personally and professionally.  It has presented challenges most never thought they’d face and provided opportunities to set an example for others. Under dire circumstances, Universal Joint in Lawrenceville, GA decided to set an example for us all with an inspiring innovative shift – continue to serve others.

Simply put, the restaurant industry has been devastated by this pandemic. Businesses that rely on relationships, experiences and culture as much as the food they serve have had it all stripped away the last few months. In the face of overwhelming adversity, Universal Joint chose to take care of their community and keep their doors open.

Universal Joint’s co-owner, Bruce Kennedy, was forced to shut down their dining room like so many other restaurants. But he didn’t let that stop him from serving his customers. In addition to shifting to curbside pickup service, Bruce and his team turned Universal Joint into a marketplace where patrons could get the typical to-go orders of burgers and fries, but also much-needed household supplies like toilet paper, sugar, and ground meat.

While the public panic over the virus mounted, the Universal Joint team served curbside pickup to-go orders with a side of peace of mind that came with limiting their customers’ exposure to the deadly pandemic. Their business model shifted in their community’s time of need.

Universal Joint’s selfless acts didn’t stop there. They also partnered with other local businesses to prepare and deliver more than 2,000 meals to nurses and healthcare workers at Northside Hospital in Gwinnett.  While they were struggling to adjust and survive themselves, they rallied the community to provide for and remind those on the frontlines that we all appreciate everything they’re doing to help us through the crisis.

With so much uncertainty and change going on, we salute the companies that are taking extra steps to serve others, to shift away from their typical business model to make a positive impact on their fellow man, and to improve local and global communities. 

We encourage you to support businesses like Universal Joint – eat local, serve others, make a difference.

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